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I received these injuries at a local Chipotle when they decided to not mop up a huge puddle of water and instead, just throw a sign over it and leave it for later. Their store had just opened about 20 minutes prior, so there wasn’t that long line out the door like usual, meaning anyone could’ve mopped it up. When I fell, I was bleeding profusely. I get up and the cashier had to stop laughing when I saw her and just asked me for my money right away. I understand its funny when someone falls, but not when they’re literally bleeding onto the counter. That is when the laughing should stop. This resulted in five stitches under my lip that has left a very noticeable scar, as well as five stitches on my elbow that left three scars. And in the last pictures, I could barely eat for two weeks because the inside of my mouth was cut and it would feel like it was reopening anytime i slightly opened it. I decided to do a little research on them and found out that they’ve been asked to change the floors in many of their stores because it makes people more prone to slipping and falling like I did, but Chipotle hasn’t wanted to spend the money to change it.

Just earlier today, I got off the phone with a representative from their corporate office and she was so aggravated while talking to me. She shut me down and her tone made me feel stupid for even being upset! I am left with these marks for the rest of my life. Every time I look into the mirror, my self confidence is shot and I am reminded of that day and of how poorly they treated me and did absolutely nothing or sounded the least bit sorry. Chipotle needs to take responsibility for it and not make me feel like an annoying child for coming to them with this issue. They didn’t listen though, and I was hoping all of you could reblog this and help me be heard and get my justice. I never ask for anything, but this has truly scarred me on the inside and out. It took three full weeks to be able to walk without physical pain, so I’m way too angry to let this one slide. Help me get this story out. This has happened to a lot more people and Chipotle seems to keep finding a way to muffle the stories so that the public never catches wind of it. Not this time. I know this won’t go with anyone’s blog or theme, but I really want to use the power of social media to get heard on this. Please help me and reblog. 

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but a door was open right there


but a door was open right there

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"Chemistry is one of the intangibles in show business. If you could bottle it or predict it or make it happen, you’ll be a billionaire. Cuz it’s a such tricky thing. And we have it, God help us, and no idea how. I think it’s…we’re both serious about our work, and we’re respectful of one another, and pathic with one another, I think we both feel each other’s pain to have these big demanding roles, where every day you get up wondering ‘am I going to survive this work?’"

Michael Emerson on Finch/Reese having the best relationship on TV (x)


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We are very lucky to have our great cast.

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To fight monsters we created monsters.

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Love these pictures sooooooooo much !!! 

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Cumberbatchweb: Thank You Message from Benedict Cumberbatch 


Benedict has very kindly taken the time to say thank you to all those who donated to the birthday fundraiser, sent him presents or birthday messages.

His message is below:

Dear Fans

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for donating to this most wonderful cause. I cannot express how deeply…

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Los Intocables

Erik Ravelo / F A B R I C A 2012
Creative Direction and Concept: Erik Ravelo
Photo: Erik Ravelo / Enrrico Bossan
Post production: Erik Ravelo
The Right to Childhood
Should be Protected.
Images and concept protected by the law
2012 F A B R I C A.

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